'Palestinian bagpipers join battle cry for Scottish independence'

Palestinian bagpipers join battle cry for Scottish independence via @guardian
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_________________ There's no mistaking the thrill of those pipes/ and their call for freedom





Don't flush our rights away

Fight for the Future and Namecheap have parked a truck with a giant video billboard directly across the street from the FCC!

This just in! We’ve teamed up with our friends at domain registrar Namecheap to bring the overwhelming public outcry for real net neutrality protections directly to the agency’s doorstep.
As the hours count down to the FCC’s net neutrality comment deadline, we have obtained a permit to park a truck with a giant video billboard on top directly across the street from the FCC facing the agency’s headquarters! It’s amazing! We’re attracting tons of attention already.
Got something to say to the FCC? Send us a link to your video and we’ll play it on the billboard!

The billboard directly faces the FCC’s headquarters, and FCC employees can be seen looking down from the windows. Impossible to ignore.
The billboard will play a steady stream of videos in support of Title II net neutrality. Internet users are encouraged to submit videos to play on the billboard through this form.
Photo credits: Namecheap team. These photos are available for use by press.


'Venezuela Provides 30 Million Free Textbooks

News: Bolivarian Project | Social Programs

Venezuela Provides 30 Million Free Textbooks For New School Year


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Venezuela’s Education Ministry announced on Tuesday that it will provide 30 million free textbooks to elementary and junior-high students as they begin their new school year on September 15.
An estimated 10 million Venezuelan students will return to school for the new academic year. Venezuela's Education Minister, Hector Rodríguez said, “most of our citizens are now in classrooms, this is historic.” 
He also announced that they will give 30,000 mini lap-tops Canaima each week to students all over the country. Already 3.4 million laptops have been distributed in recent years. ​Canaima is a technological and educational project that uses open-source software. It was developed by Venezuelan Government, citizens and activists.
​Rodríguez added that during the coming school year the government will  open 113 new schools. 
Teachers wil also receive a 15 percent increase in the coming fortnight, completing a 75 percent increase agreed in September 2013. 
He said that with this investment in education teachers, parents and pupils will be able to approach "the new school year with happiness".

Published on Sep 10th 2014 at 4.31pm
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Norman Finklestein on Gaza





Norman Finklestein in discussion with Nizar Abboud



+++++++++++++++++++++++++ " I want to be realistictic  and sober.. I don't want to be an arm-chair general." Norman Finklestein


___________ Published on 10 Sep 2014 When nuclear is ok why anything else is not? Finkelstein about Israel's repeated attacks against Gaza and where the international community stands. --------------------------------------------------

__________________  '    Look ..... Listen    ..International law in large part is completely insane   ... and makes                                   distinctions that if you were sitting  in Mars you would think this planet is by 
                        any reckoning , completely lunatic




Phantom Bids

Phantom Bids

Phantom Bids



Franco “Bifo” Berardi: Welfare State and Democracy May 16th, 2011 | By Franco “Bifo” Berardi:

-------------------------whats wrong with 

The welfare prospective – defined here as guaranteed income of working classes and the creation of a system of social services able to hinge modern society on the basis of relative economic security and to prevent the rise of violent social conflicts and the deregulation of solidarity – was born in Germany during the Bismarck period.

In the 1880s, Bismarck introduced old age pensions, accident insurance, medical care and unemployment benefits that formed the basis of the modern European welfare state. His paternalistic programmes won the support of German industrial class because its goals were to win the support of the working classes for the Empire and reduce the outflow of immigrants to America, where wages were higher but welfare did not exist. Then, welfare policy became a common governmental practice in the time following the 1929s crisis and the work of John Maynard Keynes played a fundamental role in the formation and development of the modern welfare theory.
By Franco “Bifo” Berardi:

 taken, quoted from and Cited from



The New Significance

A web magazine exploring revolutionary forces for change & autonomy in the 21st Century…



'Hayat Hussaini, a proud Gazan took these from her window moments after the ceasefire was declared'

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Hayat Hussaini, a proud Gazan took these from her window moments after the ceasefire was declared. 


'Celebrators have lifted Al Jazeera Arabic reporter Wael Dahdouh (who cried on air the day of Shujaiyeh massacre) on their shoulders

Screenshot of reporter Wael Dahdouh carried on the shoulders of celebrating people in #Gaza cc

لينة @LinahAlsaafi ·  10h
Celebrators have lifted Al Jazeera Arabic reporter Wael Dahdouh (who cried on air the day of Shujaiyeh massacre) on their shoulders :)


'Scriptonite Daily Live from #GazaUnderAttack

23/08/2014 http://bambuser.com/v/4874799#olsx occupynewsnetwork 10 hours ago via webcam 23 Aug 19:59


'Gaza: Israel’s War on Children (Warning: Upsetting Footage)'

I should preface this report by letting you know that as I write it, silent tears are streaming down my face.  They have been, on and off, for much of today.

Last night, Israel intensified its attacks on Gaza.  What that looks and sounds like is an F-16 airstrike every 10 minutes, all across the Strip. Shells dropping with thunderous force every 3 or 5 minutes.  I fell asleep, to wake at 3am as Israeli gunboats firing upon the houses and hotels on the coastline – ka-ka-ka-boom-boom-boom. The smell of cordite filled the air. The sky became a cacophony of F-16s, drones and the screams, car alarms, and animal calls responding to the attacks. Israel unleashed horror here last night.

Today, we drove out across Gaza City to survey the damage.  A mosque had been bombed. It’s turret had collapsed into an apartment block opposite, tearing it open to the world. Four people died. This morning, the prayers ring out from the shattered mosque regardless.



Gerry Adams (
           president of the Sinn Féin political party, )

Thursday, July 17, 2      

                                                             End the War on Gaza

Thursday, July 17, 2014

End the War on Gaza

Thursday, July 17, 2014

End the War on Gaza

 wrote and wrote

Imagine that the population of the north w
as squeezed into an area half that of County Louth, the smallest county on the island of Ireland.

Imagine that 1.8 million people are locked into a piece of land that stretches roughly 40 kilometres from the border to Drogheda and is roughly 10 kilometres wide.

Imagine that 1.8 million people are locked into a piece of land that stretches roughly 40 kilometres from the border to Drogheda and is roughly 10 kilometres wide.

Imagine that 1.8 million people are locked into a piece of land that stretches roughly 40 kilometres from the border to Drogheda and is roughly 10 kilometres wide.

Imagine that 80% of the people who live there are dependent on some form of food and clothes aid.

Imagine that over 80% live below the poverty line.

Imagine that unemployment is 44%, and that 58% of young people between the ages of 15-29 have no work.

-  imagine ImaginE Oimagine


and  /



expel- the israeli-ambassador

August 1969 was a tipping point in the history of the north. Sectarian pogroms, a feature of nineteenth century Belfast and partition, returned to the streets of Belfast with hundreds of families in Ardoyne, the lower Falls and the Clonard area being forcibly evicted from their homes. Loyalist mobs led by the RUC and B Specials attacked Catholic homes. Filmed sequences from the period show families scrambling desperately to save belongings as they abandoned their homes with flames billowing behind them and smoke rising into the air. Whole streets of terraced homes, local businesses and mills were destroyed.
The refugees carried their children, bundles of clothes and small pieces of furniture in their arms or on their backs while larger pieces were left abandoned in the street or piled onto to flat bed lorries to be carried off.

The streets of the Falls Road and Ardoyne were a war zone.  It was a terrifying time. In the three days between August 14 and 16 eight people were killed and scores more injured. The familiar streetscape in the Falls that I had grown up in was shattered. The close knit community was left battered and bleeding. The image of frightened families running for their lives and the sense of devastation, of gutted buildings and of makeshift defensive barricades are still fresh in my mind. As are the rolls of barbed wire strung arbitrarily across streets by British Army squaddies as the first of Belfast’s separation walls took shape.   
Many of the families ended up in schools in Andersonstown, including – St. Teresa’s, Holy Child and La Salle. They lived in overcrowded classrooms. Desks pushed up against side walls. They slept on mattresses among the bits and pieces of furniture they retained.

The August pogrom was the failure of politics and it set the scene for decades of conflict.
I was reminded of the overcrowded Belfast schools while watching a report on the 120,000 Palestinian citizens who have been forcibly evicted from their homes by the Israeli military. Thousands of homes have been flattened by no warning Israeli bombs from air, sea and tank. Most of the refugees have taken shelter in some 61 schools and other property run by the United Nations. Conditions are appalling. Too many people, not enough mattresses, blankets, food and water. And all living under the imminent threat of Israeli bombs.

The Director of Operations for UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) which provides aid to refugees said: “These men, women and children are relying on us to provide them with shelter and the reality is that UNWRA only had relief supplies in stock for 35,000 people.” The real figure at time of writing is four times that.
The scale of the nightmare in Gaza is so much bigger than our Belfast experience. In two weeks over 700 Palestinians have been killed – mainly civilians and children. Thousands more have been grievously injured and rushed into hospitals inadequately resourced after eight years of an Israeli siege and themselves the target for Israeli attack.


DaRth Vader VadEr VaDer InvaDr _ I knew it!they're from Outer SPace Not human at all.....

 ---------------------------------------- InVaders from Outer Space all over the world over the world all oVer the Invaders InVaders Vadersssssssssssshttp://www.thenation.com/sites/default/files/tmw2014-08-20colorlarge.jpg

Why Are You Dressed Like Darth Vader? | The Nation

+_____________________ Beware them alien Nations from OuterSpacezzzzzzzzzzzz Z Z Z



Guattari could not dance__________|How does one Spell?

  it's  interesting to learn that Guattari was unable to dance. it was  i guess, his depression or hieractic persona __ i cld hear that the first time i heard his voice __ due to the depression he was living the last years.
                                                    and that depression was political  for the moster part

  but also quite a personal one

bu t where did you hear of ever Mister Molecule dancing?

did he?

 and his last relations with Josephine the cocaine addict was peculiar? whence this absence of practical knowledge of groups

surrounding that may have helped

 ie a 12 step group and its capacity to change the person's epistemology   and thus their way of relating to repetions and addictions that are not productive but leading to dead ends or black out holes and unwhole holes.


Guattari never understood the comedy that goes to make up Ulysses he was reading at the time of his death . i canjust

See it he read it too Literally expecting? perhaps something the great comic writer had not put in


something esoteric of which there's nothing at all there.

But then, perhaps and most like ly I misread Felix Guattari's last days   ..

at least his reading days.

perhaps and surely he would have written something striking bold and original about Ulysses just
   as he had written   about Genet's last works.

 Guattari had the uncanny ability to enter into the originality of a n author's project (in the existential sense of the  the life 'projet' of an individual) in the same way he did of entering a patient's state of mind, and the reality of a permanently painful existence. This was a parallel talent that went  with his reading an author; the idea of clinical critical that Deleuze speaks about.
it's an interesting notion whereby literature is seenas either a  treatment or a map of the sickness? i am not sure...

I like the the Model of Schizophrenia as the world Map in Flight. perhaps in there one can tie up fit the notion of literary production as being either healthy or sick. But I distrust the word health, even when Guattari or Deleuze uses it. Even Nietzsche used the word, if i remember right, in ways that i was not ateast with. that sense that things can be reduced never appeals to me.

And this idea of literature as critical clinical is surely a provocative one. but not limited to literature but

can and ought to be applied to philosophy. and other disciplines and the crazy world itself. of course.

In any event these are ideas to consider not dogmas to believe or assent to.


Imagine a dog
and a ma


the ass

how does one spell?

                                (how does one smell! )(
 and the bottom line   ------here    as in anything else is it's not Guattari the person that counts

             Bu t the work the legacy  the effect        that Guattari effect   &

how you apply it to your own life

_                                                                  ________________ right  Felix?


Pierre, Or The Ambiguities - pg. 262


Not here and now can we set down the precise contents of Pierre's letter, without a tautology illy doing justice to the ideas themselves. And though indeed the dread of tautology be the continual torment of some earnest minds, and, as such, is surely a weakness in them; and though no wise man will wonder at conscientious Virgil all eager at death to burn his AEneid for a monstrous heap of inefficient superfluity; yet not to dread tautology at times only belongs to those enviable earth, with the inexhaustible self-riches of vanity, and folly, a blind self-complace

Herman Melville



Norman Finklestein:Book Discussion on Old Wine, Broken Bottle


Norman Finkelstein, author of Old Wine, Broken Bottle: Ari Shavit’s Promised Land, talked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and provided a critique of the Israeli government’s actions. Mr. Finkelstein spoke at Red Emma’s Bookstore in Baltimore.

Norman Finkelstein: " Book Discussion on Old Wine, Broken Bottle"


---------------------- a talk that  Norman Finklestein
, author of the recently released book Old Wine, Broken Bottle: Ari Shavit's Promised Land at Red Emma’s Bookstore in Baltimore on July 30, 2014.

for the complete talk see the links to C Span above

Norman Finkelstein, author of "Old Wine, Broken Bottle" and other books on the Israel/Palestine conflict, talks about the current situation in Gaza and provides a critique of the Israeli government's actions. Mr. Finkelstein spoke at Red Emma's Bookstore in Baltimore.



It’s All Hamas’ Fault, Right Israel? I’m no fan of Hamas, quite the contrary. But Israel’s attempt to put all the blame on Hamas is outrageous. Gideon Levy

What Does Hamas Really Want? Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy on Ending the Crippling Blockade of Gaza 



It’s All Hamas’ Fault, Right Israel?
I’m no fan of Hamas, quite the contrary. But Israel’s attempt to put all the blame on Hamas is outrageous.
Gideon Levy



I t’s so easy to be an Israeli; your tender conscience is pure as the driven snow: Everything is Hamas’ fault. The rockets are the fault of Hamas; that can be taken for granted. Hamas started the war, for no reason; that, too, “goes without saying.” Hamas is a vicious terrorist organization, beasts in human form, born to kill, fundamentalists—and apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
Some 400,000 Palestinians have been displaced. More than 1,200 have been killed, about 80 percent of them civilians, half of these women and children. Around 50 families have been obliterated, their homes bombed with them inside. It has reached the dimensions of a real massacre. But Israelis’ hands are clean and their consciences are quiet—so quiet you could cry. It’s Hamas’ fault.


' HAMAS made me do it!


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Mohammed Assaf’s ‘Raise Your Head High’

Ceasefire comes to a close — Mohammed Assaf’s ‘Raise Your Head High’

Mohammed Assaf released his latest single at the beginning of Israel’s recent slaughter in Gaza. The song and prophetic lyrics have accompanied Palestinians, and many of us all over the world, through darkness and unspeakable horror this last month. As another ceasefire comes to a close, and Palestinians in Gaza brave on with unfathomable courage, Raise Your Head High:

Lift your head high
It is your weapon
The origin of dignity is humanity
The son of the free land of sun
Your son Gaza will not be disgraced

Gaza is calling
But who’s to hear
Gaza calls With the might of those hands
Throw your enemy with stones
And you’ll stand in the face of death

We have all the rights
We are all for it
The day the right is regained
We shall sacrifice for its soil

Take my blood and give me freedom
My land is from river to sea
O Gaza present your men
Each one equals a hundred

No matter how intense injustice has come
We will protect the land
It’s either victory or martyrdom
The men of this land said

O soil of beloved forgotten land
With precious blood precious you’re irrigated
My Land sing your hymn
Stand strong be ready for freedom

Lift your head high
It is your weapon
The origin of dignity is humanity
The son of the free land of sun
Your son Gaza will not be disgraced